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Ergonomic solution

In partnership with SCE Services-conseils en ergonomie, Perrier Consulting, supports its clients in their understanding of the interactions between humans and the other components of a system in order to apply solutions that improve the well-being of people and overall performance (productivity). We contribute to design processes allowing people to evolve in an environment with maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.

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Improving ergonomics and productivity to help our customers reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

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Human approach

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Human approach

Because we believe in the strength of a team and because we are committed to providing our clients with superior services, we are proud to collaborate with SCE Ergonomic Advisory Services experts.

Our collaborator, Karine Aubry, Eng., CCPE Ergonomist and FOUNDER OF SCE SERVICES-CONSEILS EN ERGONOMIE, and her team, are committed to provide clients with their experience and knowledge to help them reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by improving ergonomics and productivity.

Since 2011, with this mission in mind, they carried out several hundred ergonomics interventions with more than 350 organizations in various industries such as manufacturing, mining, pulp and paper, manufacturing, aerospace, public, municipal and service sectors (offices), etc. Also service providers for the CNESST, they carry out expertise related to the management of disability worker files.


Entrust us with your various mandates such as:


  • Ergonomic analyses of all types of workstations (industrial, office, etc.)

  • Workshops on the principles of lean manufacturing.

  • Training and coaching for employees and managers.

  • Expertise on employment injuries records and disability files.

  • Interventions on ergonomic design and adaptation.

  • Development of ergonomic reference guide adapted to the client’s specificities.

  • Surveys on worker’s musculoskeletal health.

  • Improve ergonomics management in organizations.

  • Custom support to your specific issues.

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Why ergonomics prevention is important in the workplace?


  • To reduce worker’s discomfort and pain.

  • To reduce injuries costs and to increase workers satisfaction with their jobs and their employers, therefore, improve the productivity of your organizations.

  • To facilitate recruitment by reducing task difficulty and increasing the pool of workforce “capable” to do the job.

  • To improve organizational ergonomics maturity through knowledge transfer.

  • To comply with ergonomic standards.

For more details about our trainings, download the catalogue.

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Interested in finding out how to establish health and safety systems and strategies in your company?

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