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Strategies and systems for a human and sustainable culture of prevention

Rethinking health and safety

At Perrier Consulting, we’re convinced that improving occupational health and safety practices isn’t accomplished by imposing rules or introducing rigid structures. We believe in a preventive approach considering both physical and psychological integrity and which is mindful of the organizational culture in which it is part.

We work at a deeper level, targeting strategies and health and safety systems in order to allow successful integration of risk management into your operations and the implementation of practices promoting well-being at work

Travailleur heureux avec casque de sécurité

Team Overview

Cerveau avec stratégies d'engrenages

Prevention strategies

Introduce a culture of prevention

  • Establish a vision
    •    Position cultural obviousness
    •    Develop leaders’ competencies
    •    Mobilize teams
    •    Support strategic partners

Mains avec systeme d'engrenages

Prevention systems

Introduce an OHS management structure

  • Launch and improve the OHS management system

  • Develop and update prevention tools

  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations

  • Develop procedures and programs

  • Train users

Collaboration travailleurs qui se font une poignée de main

Health and well-being at work

Integrate prevention of psychosocial risks to HSE processes

  • Diagnosis psychosocial risks

  • Facilitate humane support and communication

  • Raise awareness among all stakeholders within the organisations

  • Develop leadership and autonomy of managers

  • Intervene in challenging situations

A methodical, 3-step approach







Present in many business sectors

Our approach, centred around the leadership of people and the impact of organizational culture on risk management, allows Perrier Consulting to adapt to all settings where human beings work! For the past 35 years, our team members have gone to forests and oceans, underground and up in the air, visited factories and even a circus tent, each time observing the impact of human activity on health and safety.

Interested in introducing health and safety systems and strategies into your company?

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