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Aligning conviction and strategy: The success of safer work.

Why prioritize worker health and safety?

Driven by conviction... Of course! It requires a steadfast belief to invest resources into endeavors that may not immediately dazzle shareholders or yield quantifiable returns. Managers who champion Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) as a priority, even as a cornerstone value, possess a resolute conviction that it is the morally upright path. They invest considerable effort in rallying their teams behind this cause, driven not solely by personal conviction but also by strategic foresight.

Acknowledging the strategic significance of worker health and safety in the broader business landscape is pivotal for sustainable growth and profitability.

Over my three-decade career, I've observed a symbiotic relationship between conviction and strategy in OHS management.

Here are my "5 whys" illustrating the inseparability of "conviction" and "strategy" in risk management:

  1. Foundational Responsibility: It's a manager's fundamental duty to ensure that every employee returns home unharmed. Understanding and embracing this responsibility is essential for effective leadership.

  2. Cultivating a Caring Culture: Being esteemed as a compassionate manager who prioritizes the well-being of their team is a source of pride. Effective management encompasses caring for employees' health and safety as diligently as managing other operational facets.

  3. Nurturing a Valuable Workforce: Securing a stable and skilled workforce is challenging. Hence, safeguarding their physical and mental well-being is imperative. Recognizing employees as invaluable assets and fostering their motivation and happiness confers a competitive edge.

  4. Unforeseen Advantages: By equipping management with robust risk management skills and nurturing a culture of supportive coaching aimed at promoting safe behaviors, leaders unlock unforeseen benefits. They cultivate a cadre of managers with exceptional human qualities and adeptness in prioritizing and managing their domains rigorously.

  5. Enhancing Brand Reputation: Attaining recognition for superior OHS practices signifies corporate responsibility and sets a company apart from competitors. This distinction can attract investors and top talent, further bolstering the organization's growth trajectory.

In conclusion, the fusion of conviction and strategy underscores the paramount importance of prioritizing worker health and safety, not just as an ethical imperative but as a strategic imperative for sustained success.


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