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We are recruiting your talent

Join our team and
make a difference
in accident prevention!

A global leader in our field, we are constantly on the lookout for experienced consultants in order to meet the demands of our clients to complete assignments, mainly in Canada and Europe.

Stimulating work environment


Our available positions

Occupational health and safety consultant

Publishing and creation support resource

Unsolicited job applications

We are always looking for competent people. Think you have the talent to contribute to the development of our organization? Don’t hesitate to send us your resume.

Travailleur avec casque heureux


Some contexts require that a member of our team be assigned to work with you for an extended period. This allows you to take advantage of the specialized expertise of our resources, who will support you with various activities depending on your project requirements. We provide significantly lower hourly rates for this type of assignment because of the long-term nature of the work. The rates also vary depending on the calibre of the resource required by the project.

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