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The unique world of underground work

We started providing services in the mining sector in the late 80s through the asbestos industry, which drew us into the field of health and safety, as protection against the risks related to mining this mineral was crucial. The 90s were marked by large niobium mining projects, followed in the 2000s by projects involving bauxite, an ore that is closely tied to our history.

Our presence in the mining industry has recently grown; we work as much on risk management projects as we do on strategic aspects involving the development of organizational cultures based on safe and healthy ore mining and processing.

Asbestos, niobium, bauxite, iron, salt, gold, and many other mined commodities have allowed us to discover the unique world of underground work as well as the impressive field of open-pit mining.

This universe has given us an opportunity to understand and support people in several countries who share a special dedication to, and pride in, this industry that is still considered high risk.




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