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From technical to strategic

Our collaboration with the aviation industry began in the early 90s with a training project on incident investigation and analysis. At that time, a great deal of effort was put into improving prevention initiatives at workplaces. The topic of incident investigation and analysis was a rewarding starting point that really helped us understand the challenges of the aviation sector and the need for a central role for safety.

As we had seen many times in other industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, not only is worker safety a crucial aspect during production but product quality and control can also impact the safety of the end users of the products made. Therefore, making safety integral to the culture of companies in this sector is a necessity.

With this in mind, several processes aimed at facilitating prevention activities were established, such as workplace inspection, worker engagement, hazard recognition, risk assessment, and the entire culture and leadership component involving values, behaviours and beliefs at every level of the company.



Sawmill and pulp and paper

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