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The power of diversity

About Us

Perrier Consulting is a team of experienced professionals in various areas of health and safety. Their varied study combined with their vast experience of different work environments ensure the versatility of our team as well as the wide range and relevance of the services offered.

Our team

Gerald Perrier,

Olivier Leroux,

Guillaume Bergeron Cleary,
associate manager, prevention systems

Pierre Lépine,
manager, region of Quebec

Melanie Asselin,
operations leader

Patricia Gomez,
operations coordinator

Pauline Desbiens,

Myriam Perrier,
associate consultant
Marie Teixeira,
senior consultant

Elke Werner-Keppner,
senior consultant

Andrea Tenorth,
senior consultant
Josée Goupil,
senior consultant

Mara Garofalo,
senior consultant

Mario Paquette,
senior consultant

Pierre Savard,
senior consultant

Hajnalka Hadrik,
senior consultant

Bertrand Soulhol,
senior consultant

Alejandro Aragon,
senior consultant

Alain Dovillaire,
senior consultant

Loris Capovilla,
senior consultant

Sarah Oveyssi,



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