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The power of diversity

About Us

Perrier Consulting is a diverse team of experienced professionals in various focus areas of health and safety. Their varied fields of study combined with their vast experience of different work environments ensure the versatility of our team as well as the wide range and relevance of the services offered. Our resources understand the reality of the people with whom they collaborate and know how to arouse their commitment through examples and practical scenarios from their community.


Découvrez Our Team

The members of our team have a minimum of 15 to 30 years of experience in occupational health and safety and have an accurate view of the shifting reality of various business lines with risky activities.


Gérald Perrier, president
Olivier LerouxOlivier Leroux, vice-president
Mario Paquette
Mario Paquette, senior advisor
Myriam Perrier, advisor
Daniel Chan, senior advisor
Josée Goupil, senior advisor
Alejandro Aragon, senior advisor
Bertrand Soulhol, senior advisor  
Marie Teixeira, senior advisor
Elke Werner-Keppner, senior advisor
John Domenick, senior advisor  
 Jean-Pierre Genet, senior advisor
Mélanie Asselin, edition-creation
Claudia Perrier, logistics coordination
Pauline Desbiens, administration-finance
Hajnalka Hadrik, senior advisor
Guillaume B. Cleary, advisor
Mara Garofalo, senior advisor
Pierre Savard, senior advisor
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