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In the same way that we help our clients integrate Health and Safety, the integration of quality to your business model is essential to reach operational excellence. To achieve that, the key players of your organization need to develop strong leadership skills in order to have a lasting impact on your organization’s performance to achieve your vision of quality.

Our support and coaching process is structured around the individual needs of the managers to reach the organization’s quality targets. Our training workshops are created to enhance experience sharing and shared structures around the key quality issues encountered in your business. It allows your managers and employees to practice the required competencies to be contributors to quality within your organization.

Workshop for management team

This workshop helps manager and director teams to assume their responsibilities for quality, to integrate quality into the organization’s practices, to move from a reactive approach to a proactive process based on a proven approach, and to adopt leadership practices contributing to the achievement of operational excellence.

Workshop for first line managers

This workshop allows the production team managers and technicians to define their organization’s quality approach. It also helps them to apply quality risk analysis within their teams, to constantly improve their risk management and to develop their leadership toward quality. The workshop is structured to bring the participants to construct an individual action plan and to integrate it into their daily quality management activities.

Workshop for quality professionals

This workshop helps quality professionals to integrate their personal responsibility to improve all aspects of quality, to apply their key competencies as quality navigators, to take required measures to inspire quality excellence and to remedy the organization’s weaknesses.

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