Tips for a Christmas season in good health and safety!

By Myriam Perrier, consultant

This year, Perrier Consulting is in advance to wish you a Merry Christmas! Let’s do some prevention! Because we hope that this year, your Christmas preparations will be as zen and safe than your celebrations. For your safety but also for your mental health and for our planet, here are few advices specially written by our team especially for you.

Do a budget is THE typical advice you would get from any Christmas professional. No matter how evident it is, it stays one of the best ways to prevent bad surprises.

This year, do things differently! Whether you have the reputation to run to the shopping center on December 24th or that you already have a good level or planning, write down all the things that stress you out during Christmas holiday and find solutions.

Prioritize outdoor activities is a good idea to feel energized despite the hearty meals. Give yourself the challenge to breathe fresh air at least once a day.

When installing the decorations, working at heights rules should be respected at all time even by the most experienced Santa! Get some help from your elves! Give a particular attention to fire prevention and always respect manufacturer’s recommendations. You can read some tips here:

During the Christmas season, driving is often more risky: long distances, winter conditions, fatigue, etc. Do not hesitate to ask your host for hospitality if the road conditions are bad or if you are too tired to drive.

Consider adopting a « zero tolerance » attitude toward alcohol when you plan on taking the wheel. Do not risk to turning Christmas into a nightmare for you and your family.

Ask yourself: is this night out essential? These decorations? This additional gift? To ask the question is often to answer it!

Take some time to create. Whether it is for handmade cards, gift wrap, or even gifts, you will feel proud and positive more than if you base your Christmas season on material consumption.

Give to the people in need or give some time to your local drive-home service! This is how you will feel the real Christmas magic.


When it comes to food, buy local, make some dishes that can be frozen and share the leftovers!

If like us, seeing the mountain of wrapping paper after the gift opening, gives you a twinge, try to wrap your gifts with recycled or reusable wrapping. Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas ready to be tested, here are a few great ideas from the web:

It is more eco-friendly to get a real Christmas tree than an artificial one. However, do not forget to recycle it!