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Excellence in Health and Safety Quality


We intervene on three levels


To move toward overall excellence and to give health and safety excellence a significant place within your organization, you need to consider it globally and integrate it into your business model.

This is why we work at all levels of your organization, helping the executives and all key players to exercise their leadership of health, safety and quality and by encouraging a real commitment on the part of all employees toward Health, Safety and Quality. We believe in a global view of health, safety and quality following three aspects. First, the establishment of a structure through various activities such as risk analysis, accident investigation and training programs; Second, it is extremely important to develop the culture by working on the organization’s values, the leadership of key players and all employees’ behavior toward Health, Safety and Quality. Finally, the evolution of the structure and the culture has to be constantly measured using diagnosis, audits and performance indicators.

A partnership approach with key players

To support you on these three aspects, we use a partnership based approach with our clients and we promote these activities:

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